17,000 rupees cheaper iPhone XR, learn the new offer


If you were unable to buy Apple’s iPhone XR because of the high price, then there is good news for you. Now you have the chance to buy the iPhone XR at a cheaper price of 17,000. The offer on the iPhone XR starts on Friday, i.e. 5th April 2019. From Friday, the iPhone XR can be bought at a price of Rs. 59,900 with a reduction of 17 thousand rupees. The initial price of this phone was Rs 76,900. Apple has offered this offer for a limited time.

Actually, Apple has partnered with HDFC Bank for this offer, under which if you buy an iPhone XR and pay with HDFC Bank debit or credit card, you will get additional cash back of 10%. In this case, the effective price of the iPhone XR will be Rs 53,900 with this cashback. This price will be the variant of the initial iPhone XR i.e. variant of 64 GB of storage. The variant of this phone with 128 GB storage can be purchased at Rs 58,400 and 256 GB storage variant for Rs 67,400.

Those who do not have HDFC Bank card will have to pay Rs. 64,900 and Rs. 74,900 respectively for 128 GB and 256 GB storage models. At the same time, for its initial variant, you will have to pay 59,900 rupees. You can take a look at this chart to easily understand the price.

MRP For non HDFC card holders For HDFC card holders
iPhone XR 64GB 76,900 59,900 53,900
iPhone XR 128GB 81,900 64,900 58,400
iPhone XR 256GB 91,900 74,900 67,400


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