16 hundred former candidates will not be able to contest panchayat elections in Doon

The Commission has disqualified 1617 candidates contesting the 2014 Panchayat elections in the district. These candidates have not given details of election expenses to the Commission. In such an election, these candidates will not be able to claim. On the instructions of the Commission, the Panchsthani office is preparing to issue a notice to such candidates.

There is bad news for the candidates who are preparing to try their luck for the second time in the three-tier panchayat elections. Not giving details of election expenses after victory and defeat in the last election, such candidates will be in trouble this time.

On the instructions of the State Election Commission, the Panchsthani office has disqualified these candidates. The list of these has also been released to the respective blocks. So that if they claim again for 2019, then their nomination is canceled.

These candidates, who are denied elections, include 99 of Zilla Panchayat, 709 of Regional Panchayat and 809 former candidates of the highest post. According to sources, notice is being sent to these candidates once again. So that they can be aware of their mistakes.

However, candidates who submit details of election expenses will also be given a chance to show the receipt. The claim of such candidates will not be entertained after the election code of conduct.

Notice to 70 body candidates

Recently, the Election Commission has issued notices to 70 councilors, and chairmen who have contested the elections. They are accused of not giving details of election expenses. With the final notice, instructions have been given to such candidates to give full details of expenses within one month.

After this, they will also be disqualified. The Commission has decided to release the final list in case of non-response of these candidates by 20 September. The highest number of candidates are from Rishikesh Municipal Corporation.

Notice given

According to the officer-in-charge Panchsthani Bir Singh Budiyal, 16 hundred candidates who contested the elections last year have not given the details of the expenditure. As per rules, these candidates will not be able to contest elections. Such candidates will also be informed by giving notice. If the expense is deposited, you can show your favor by showing the receipt.

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