10 years of imprisonment for misbehaving with a High school student


Dehradun. Pocso Court has sentenced ten years imprisonment and Rs 20 thousand fine for the crime of rape with a high school student. In the penalty, orders have been given to pay Rs 10,000 as compensation to the victim’s side. If the person does not pay the amount, the culprit will have to pay an extra six months of imprisonment.

On April 14, 2018, a lawsuit was filed against Purkaji resident, Momin alias Sahil, who has a shop of Hair dresser in the city, for raping and threatening a minor. It was told that the accused had first convinced the victim and called her in his shop and then misbehaved with her. Along with the accused, the student was in panic for a long time. After a few days the victim complained to the mother about the complication of pain in the stomach. The angry family members filed a lawsuit against the accused. After that the police filed a statement of the victim before the magistrate. Hearing began after the charges were fixed on August 20 in Pocso Court. District Assistant Administrative Advocate Bharat Singh Negi, while prosecuting the prosecution, nine witnesses were presented. Although the defendant’s advocate said that the complainant was involved in the transaction of Momin. There was a dispute because of which he was framed under the conspiracy. Judge Rama Pandey of Pocso Court convicted the accused Momin after hearing the arguments of advocates of both the parties. After the court arguments, the convict was sentenced to ten years imprisonment and fined of 20 thousand rupees.


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