10% seat reservation for the EWS for higher education

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With the provision of 10 percent reservation seats for EWS, the entire process of filing of applications after the 12th has been stuck. Due to non-issuing orders, colleges and universities are not able to provide admission in new sessions. The situation is that the students are registering, they are giving entrance exams, but they do not know how many seats they will get. In this case, the risk of sitting late in the year is also set.

After the Center, the state government had also announced to give 10 percent reservation to the economically weaker section (EWS). Under this, the Directorate of Higher Education has to issue guidelines related to reservation. Under this, the decision on seat increase in colleges and universities will be taken. No order of EWS reservation has been released so far in the state. Due to this, the admission process in educational institutions has not been started.

What’s going to change
Actually, 10 percent seats in each college and university should be reserved for EWS category students under EWS reservation. Under this, the seats have to be increased to fix the reservation. After that, the EWS category admissions will be made on the increased seats.

What will be the loss
Due to not getting admission on time, the entire session will begin late. Because of this, the students’ time will be wasted. On the other hand, due to the admission process, the students will have the option of enrolling in other institutions.

Education institutes have started registration under the admission process, but when these students will be admitted, it is not known. Because no guidelines have been received from the government or Directorate of Higher Education regarding EWS reservation. Until the reservation status is not clear, admission will not be started.
-Pro. VA Baudai, President, Principal Council

Guidelines for EWS reservation are being prepared. Until then, educational institutions should continue their registration process. Soon all educational institutions in this regard will be made aware.
-Down. SC Pant, Director, Higher Education


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